What Clients Are Saying

"Catrina is genuine, caring, and a great listener. She has helped me with my concerns in a very timely manner and asks the right questions. I love how she checked in after our meeting to make sure we were doing alright. It made me feel like I made the right choice to contact her about my breastfeeding concerns. I also love how informative this website is. It’s always good to find a reliable place to come and gain knowledge about breastfeeding in a way that is easy and efficient."

Aneta B.

“I’m pregnant with my first child and had no knowledge about breastfeeding or where to even start learning about it. I attended one of Catrina’s classes and I was blown away by the breadth and depth of the class. Catrina takes a holistic approach and discusses not just the nuts and bolts of breastfeeding, but also childbirth, infant care, different theories, and advice for new mothers. I left the class feeling armed with a ton of resources and confidence. She makes you feel comfortable and stops frequently for questions. The time flew by - it felt like coffee talk with old friends. I highly recommend using Catrina’s wealth of knowledge in any way you can!”

Jessica Burns

“Being a part of Mamma’s Magical Milk Support Group has given me more confidence than ever with breastfeeding my second child. I had a tough experience with my first born but didn’t find the right support I needed for my breastfeeding journey. Catrina has helped me from the beginning with this second pregnancy giving me all the information I could ever need to successfully breastfeed from different positions, tips and tricks, and enough literature on almost any breastfeeding topic! I can proudly say I’m an on-demand breastfeeding mama thanks to Catrina’s help and knowledge! She’s offering virtual classes which was extremely helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you Catrina for your support, knowledge and love.”

"I love your blog. It's coming from a very genuine person who has such great inspiring stories. I wasn't able to breast feed my first due to a number of things, but this blog is inspiring me to try harder this next time around!"

Kassie Brikowski

"I am so thankful to Catrina and the help she offered when I was trying to navigate my oversupply/overactive let down that ultimately caused my newborn to choke/spit up at every feed. Catrina offered unwavering support and provided a number of options to try until a solution was found. Ultimately, it was a combination of approaches that has resulted in a content baby and a continued and enjoyable breastfeeding experience. Catrina has a plethora of knowledge and is ready, willing and able to help even through the Covid Pandemic via FaceTime!"

Antoinette H.

"I would highly recommend the Prenatal Breasfeeding Class! I took Catrina's class online during the prime of COVID knowing I probably wouldn't get a chance to do an in person class before my first baby. The class well exceeded my expectations! I knew absolutely nothing about Breastfeeding prior. After just an hour class I had some much helpful and amazing information that I will definitely plan on using and referencing from once I have the baby and throughout my breastfeeding experince!"

Kaytlen Vincenza


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