Breastfeeding Consultation

In-Home Support (up to 2 hours)

Long Island residents can schedule in-person consultations. This option is usually ideal for newborns and begins with an initial phone or video conference in order to gather information about your history and discuss your breastfeeding experience. During an in-home consultation, I observe your infant at the breast while assisting in finding comfortable positioning and latch. We will then work together to create a customized plan to help you meet your personal breastfeeding goals as we identify solutions to any challenges you may have experienced. Additionally, you may receive a referral to a specialist if needed. This consultation also includes notes and resources for you to refer to after our meeting. I will then continue to be available to answer any questions regarding the consultation via email. An invitation to join the Mamma's Magical Milk Private Support Group on Facebook is also included. *Please complete the booking form below to schedule your consultation and to receive more information.


Private Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Virtual or In-Home Support (up to 2 hours)

This 1:1 class is customized to meet your personal needs and will help prepare you to have the best start to breastfeeding your newborn. You will be able to ask any questions you may have about lactation in order to gain the confidence you’ll need to help you trust your instincts with your baby. Topics covered may include: human milk composition, breast anatomy, positioning and latch, benefits of SSC, how to know if your baby is drinking enough, biologically normal infant sleep, common setbacks or barriers to successful breastfeeding, milk expression and storage, and more. Partners are welcome and encouraged to participate and you can invite expecting friends to share this class with you as well! Additional resources and a copy of the course outline will be provided and an invitation to join The Mamma's Magical Milk Private Support Group on Facebook is also included. *Please complete the booking form below to schedule your class and to receive more information.


Virtual Consultation

Phone or Video Conference (up to 1 hour)

This option is ideal for clients who have various questions or concerns related to breastfeeding that may not necessarily require an in-person consultation. Some topics we can cover may include but aren’t limited to: establishing and maintaining supply, overactive letdown, tandem feeding, gentle weaning methods, nipple shields, engorgement, sleep, pumping, or storing and feeding expressed breast milk. This virtual consultation also includes notes and resources for you to refer to after our meeting. I will then continue to be available to answer any questions regarding the consultation via email. An invitation to join the Mamma’s Magical Milk Private Support Group on Facebook is also included with this service. *Please complete the booking form below to schedule your consultation and to receive more information.


Virtual Breastfeeding Class Series

Video Conference (approximately 45 minutes each)

These informative "live" virtual classes will help to prepare you with all you need to know about lactation and breastfeeding. Participants are able to interact with the lactation consultant and ask questions throughout the lessons. Partners are welcome and encouraged to join as well! 

The topics for each class are as follows:

Class 1: “Why Breastfeed?”

  • Introduction to human lactation

  • Human milk composition

  • Breastfeeding benefits

  • SSC and kangaroo care

Class 2: “Getting the Best Start to Breastfeeding”

  • Latching

  • Positioning

  • Supply and feeding frequency

  • How to know baby is getting enough milk

Class 3: “Breastfeeding Support Systems”

  • Infant sleep

  • Nursing in public

  • Partner's roles and visitors

  • Introduction to pumping

Additionally, each class comes with a course outline along with useful resources. You’ll also receive an invitation to join the private Mamma’s Magical Milk support group on Facebook which hosts “live” virtual meetings upon completion of this class. Check HERE for upcoming class schedules. Please complete the form below to register for a class.


Childbirth Education

Virtual or In-Home Classes

As a childbirth educator, I help prepare you and your partner by providing all the evidence-based and current facts you need to know in order to make informed decisions for your family during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Furthermore, I strive to help all clients find beauty in birth. Each class series is personalized to meet your needs whether you intend to birth at home, at a birthing center, or in a hospital. All parents deserve to be equipped with the knowledge needed to empower them to advocate for the birth they desire. Included with each course is a 150+ page student workbook. Read more details about the curriculum and additional workshops offered by clicking the link below.


Gift Certificates

If you’re looking for a gift for an expecting mother that will last a lifetime, give her the gift of breastfeeding support.

A gift certificate is a unique idea for any baby shower or a new family in need of breastfeeding support services.

Gift Certificates are available in any amount and can be applied towards payment for any of the above services.

You can submit payment HERE or in person.