My Top Secret Reasons for Loving Breastfeeding

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Before my son’s arrival, I had set a goal to breastfeed for at least one year. After his birth, I quickly discovered that I was not living the same peaceful experience I had envisioned. In the beginning, there were moments in which I wanted to quit almost every day. All of the pain and early struggles were so discouraging that I thought I would never make it past the first week. I tried everything from balms and sprays to nipple shields and silicone breast pumps, but it seemed that nothing would help me. Even though I knew breastfeeding was best for my baby’s health, there were days that I felt hopeless and thought I would not be able to continue nourishing him the way I had hoped to.

My newborn and me taking a break from practicing breastfeeding

Then there were the happy occasions in which my baby actively nursed for minutes at a time and seemed to have emptied my breasts. With those joyous moments came very special memories that motivated me to keep going. The good feelings quickly erased the negative experiences from my thoughts. The reality is, there will continue to be hardships along the way, but I must remember that anything worthwhile doesn’t come easy. 

Whenever I begin to feel drained or discouraged, I like to remind myself of my “top secret” reasons for why I have fallen in love with mothering through breastfeeding.

Us nursing at the ocean

I love breastfeeding because...

  • It's therapeutic.

  • It’s our special bonding time.

  • It soothes my baby… every time.

  • I check my baby’s growth by measuring his body against mine.

  • I can use it as an excuse to go away and hide if we need quiet time.

  • I meditate, read or write while he nurses to sleep.

  • I am always close to my baby.

  • I love watching my baby nurse to sleep.

  • I love listening to my baby breathe as he sleeps.

  • I love feeling every inhale as my baby breathes.

  • I love holding him all day and night.

  • I feel warmth and security while watching him nurse to sleep.

  • I imagine how safe and secure he feels as I hold him in my arms. 

  • I am nurturing my baby the healthiest and most natural way possible.

  • I no longer have to buy, wash, store or pack any feeding supplies.

  • I never have to worry that I will be without food for my baby.

  • My baby gives me smiles that melt my heart while he breastfeeds.

  • My baby’s little sounds he makes while nursing make me smile. 

  • When my baby looks at me, his eyes go straight through to my soul.

  • It reminds me every day that my body is strong, powerful and magical.

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