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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lactation counselor?

A lactation ​counselor is a person who has received specialized training in order to provide ​support ​to families when ​they ​are ​having ​difficulties breastfeeding ​their ​babies. Examples of common reasons people may wish to work with a lactation counselor may include:

  • Preparing to ​breastfeed during pregnancy

  • Learning how to establish lactation and maintain supply

  • ​Finding a comfortable position and a good, deep latch 

  • Overcoming issues such as thrush, engorgement or mastitis

  • Exploring strategies for feeding multiples or tandem nursing a newborn and toddler

  • Acquiring Information about storing and feeding expressed breast milk safely

  • Needing support during weaning

Lactation counselors first take the time to review and understand your history and personal experiences before meeting with you for a consultation and will generally charge a fee for services. A lactation counselor may offer home visits in addition to virtual support.

While a lactation counselor works with you in order to help you meet your breastfeeding goals, a lactation counselor does not make decisions for you. A lactation ​counselor ​will support any choice you make regarding your breastfeeding journey while providing the valid information and education you may need.

How can I get help?

I’m located on Long Island, NY, however I offer virtual breastfeeding support services to clients worldwide! I can help via phone or video conference and email. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please complete this booking form.

How quickly will you be able to see me?

I am often available within 24-48 hours as I understand many families are seeking immediate help. Please complete this booking form as soon as possible if you’d like to schedule an appointment so I can better accommodate your needs.

How do we connect for virtual appointments?

Once you have successfully submitted your payment and completed any necessary forms, we will schedule the virtual conference. You will confirm your preference and details of phone or video prior to our meeting. I will call you at the scheduled time. You can submit payments HERE.

What happens during a consultation?

Prior to our consultation, you will complete this booking form. We will then schedule an initial phone conference so I can understand your background and medical history as it relates to breastfeeding. During an in-home consultation, I can observe your infant at the breast while assisting in finding comfortable positioning and latch. We will then work together to create a customized plan to help you meet your personal breastfeeding goals as we identify solutions to any challenges you may have experienced. I will then email you the notes from our meeting as well as additional resources for your reference. I continue to be available via email for all clients.

What must I do before our in-person visit?

You will complete the booking form & review the contract I've sent you. Please submit your payment (in full) electronically HERE prior to our appointment or have cash ready at the start of our in-person session as this will help to maximize our time spent together.

What is your service area?

For in-person support, I can travel to most of Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, NY.